Patents/Utility Model

What is a Patent?

  • "Inventions" as creations of technical ideas are subject of protection.
  • A highly advanced creation of technical ideas utilizing the laws of nature is the subject of protection.
  • Methods of calculation or encryption that are determined by arbitrarily defined rules, such as financial and insurance systems or taxation methods, are not based on natural laws and rules and therefore do not qualify for protection.
  • The right conferred by the patent grant is “the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling” the invention, and the patentee can claim an injunction or damages against the infringer.
  • The period of a patent right is 20 years from the date of filing of the patent application.

What is a Utility Model?

  • Shapes, structures, or combinations of objects that are creations of technical ideas utilizing the laws of nature are the subject of protection (not necessarily a highly advanced creation among those of technical ideas).
  • Methods, computer programs, etc. do not qualify for protection.
  • The period of a utility model right is 10 years from the date of filing of the utility model application.

Japan Patent Office Web page "Patents "

Japan Patent Office Web page " Utility Models"

Patent/Utility Model Registration Application in Japan

We broadly provide overall services in regards to patents and utility models including prior searches, filing and registering applications, and maintenance/management, and also propose strategies for international and national intellectual property matters. We are fully committed to providing you with a satisfactory service regarding consultation for patent infringement litigation, etc.

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Areas of Expertise

Daily Necessities, Devices in general, Chemicals, Fibers, Fixed Structures, Mechanical Engineering, Lighting, Physics, Electricity. Please feel free to contact us for fields that are not listed.


Searches (National, Overseas), Filing Applications (in Japan, in Foreign Countries (from Japan to foreign countries), from Foreign Countries to JPO, PCT (including entry into national phase in each country), Filing Applications Claiming Priority, Trials, Office Action, Annuity Management, Litigations, Expert Opinions, Oppositions, Licenses, Notarizations, Legalizations, and Overall Services related to Intellectual Property Rights

Procedure from Filing Application to Registration

  • Filing Application
    HAGIRI AND ASSOCIATES focuses on discovering inventions, and offer IP-related services not only for filing patent/utility model applications but also for providing our clients with consultations on whether their technologies may possibly be valuable inventions to be applied for. When a technological idea of a client satisfies patent requirements, we discuss and assist the client to help look into the idea in order to find patentability and provide strategies for filing a patent application.
  • Acquiring Patent Right
    After filing an application, it is required to go through various procedures including Request for Examination, Office Actions, Decision of Patent Grant, etc. We have built a support system for our clients in which our experienced patent attorneys offer opinions and advices for each step of those procedures.
  • After Acquiring Patent Right
    We use our own patent management system, which enables us to provide the best management framework for our clients by using it for managing payment of annuities in order to maintain their valuable patent rights.
  • Others
    We are committed to handling not only the procedures mentioned above related to intellectual property matters, but we also other related services in general. We have built a close relationship to work with or consult with affiliated law firms and their lawyers to deal with cases in the specific areas.


  • Seminars
    We hold various seminars for enterprises. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Filing Applications of Patents/Utility Models for Foreign Countries

We also provide services for filing applications of patents/utility models in each foreign country from Japan.

  • Applications through PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty)
  • Applications claiming Priority under Paris Convention
  • Direct Applications to each country

We, in cooperation with experienced local agents overseas, support our clients in regards to applications, Office Actions, Registration of establishment of a patent right.

Countries We Have Experiences in Handling IP matters

US, EU (European countries), China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.

In addition, we also have business with agents in more than 100 firms overseas such as in Asian countries (India, Indonesia, etc.), Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Bulgaria), and South America.

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